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Personnel from Geodetic (part of The Fox Group) designed and developed key technical systems for the surveys working on the prestigious A55 Conwy Crossing project in North Wales.  A package, known as Strings 3.0, allowed surveyors to automatically download and process surveyed points against design strings defined within the system in horizontal and vertical orientation.  Strings 3.0 was so successful it went on to be specified on subsequent road building contracts for Travers Morgan and also sold worldwide.


Strings 3.0 was also used for a great many survey calculation jobs and the entire package was reviewed by the ubiquitous Surveying Journal and the review can be downloaded here.

We have many years experience designing and developing sophisticated engineering projects including our much loved product STRINGS 3.0, a Hz and Vz alignment analysis package used for highway and pipe design and checking.

"...has done a marvelous job in presenting a user interface that is both friendly and intuitive in the sense that it does what you would expect it to do..." - "...would I buy it?, you bet I would..." - Mike Fort, Civil Engineering Surveyor, Reviewing STRINGS 3.0 Hz and Vz Alignment Analysis software from Geodetic.