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Meeting Point is a complete meeting lifecycle solution for SharePoint. The product is available as an in-premise package and as a service on the cloud. For more details visit the dedicated web site here.
​Project Point is a complete project management system for hosting in a SharePoint environment.  The product includes an innovative MS Project like interface plus management tools that simplify complex project management scenarios for any industry, any number of projects, resources and much more.  The product  includes tools to identify over and under resourcing across the enterprise plus tools to highlight the critical path.  Fully customisable with the import and export options you'd expect.  The product cost represents massive savings over a full MS Project licensed implementation. Click here for more information.
Rhapsody Trust is an NHS Trust performance and assurance framework designed to deliver a dynamic dashboard to service managers enabling drill down to find reasons for poor performance and manage assurances against the performance data.  Click here for more information.
​Rhapsody Podiatry is an NHS Trust Podiatry Service product providing a complete set of tools covering referrals, appointments, letter management and consultation management, Click here for more detail.
Strings 3.0 is a horizontal and vertical alignment analysis package for civil engineers and surveyors.  The product uses MOSS format input files but can be adapted to use any format.  The product includes a full set of COGEO tools plus graphic representation of the alignment strings and of course the analysis is a beautifully formatted table of exportable data showing the analysis of planned point positions compared to the design string.  Complex strings can include any number of circle and straight segments plus transitional elements as spiral segments.
NHS & HealthcareWe have designed and delivered a huge range of NHS & Healthcare products over the last 20 years.  Our lead consultant led the company that delivered NHS Direct to England and Wales prior to the national procurement.  We have delivered systems such as Neuro Beds, a patient and bed management system for Neuro Rehabilitation patients at Salford Royal, Manchester.  Other systems include Renal Dialysis Slots, a slot and patient management system which includes a patient portal for self management and features to manage patient transport, referrals, waiting lists, slot and schedule allocation and management.

Other systems designed and developed by our team include an Activity Recording Portal and Mobile App for Merseycare NHS, Staff Development system with automatic PDF report creation engine and an HR Candidate Portal.